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Top 4 best weight lifting shoes

These days, weight training has become more and more popular not only among weight lifters and body builders, but also among athletes of all sports and fitness enthusiasts in general. People, especially men, do weight training to train their muscles to get better body shape. Although getting a muscular body is not an easy thing to do, with the help of weight lifting it is possible. For this exercise, you need a special type of training shoes. If you think that you can use the shoes that you usually use for running or kickboxing for your weight training exercises, you are wrong.

Many people mistakenly think that all kinds of training shoes are multipurpose that they also use them for weight lifting. As a consequence of that, their exercise performance is not good enough because they do not use the right shoes that will give them more power and balance. After all, these two factors are the most important aspects of weight lifting, and if you cannot fulfill them both, all your hard work will go in vain.

The most common best lifting shoes include:

Adidas CrossFit Shoes

The Adidas “power lift” shoe is poorly named. It’s a stripped down weightlifting shoe that you would more properly call a “CrossFit” shoe. Adidas doesn’t call theirs that, but that is the market and the whole reason they provided them.

VS Athletics

The final one is dear to me because they were the first set of weightlifting shoes owned. Back then, they were rather cheap, had what appeared as if a cork heel, and only cost about $60 bucks! Now, the VS Athletics model is grown up, is robust as hell (they’ll last FOREVER), but still the cheapest serious shoe available on the market by far.

Nike Romaleos 2

An update towards the original Nike Oly shoe, this version includes a few refinements in its design to improve its functionality as well as new colorways. This model is marketed to compete directly using the AdiPower, and with such a high cost, it needs a thorough review of exactly how its dimensions are up.

Risto Olympic Lifting Shoes

This is most under-rated shoes within the Risto Sports Olympic Lifting Shoe is nearly one of the best lifting shoe you could ever need. The Series 1 acomplishes all of the needs of a good weightlifting shoe using a solid grain leather exterior, an additional padded insole, sturdy molded leather interior, double stitching along with a solid wood heel that is proportional towards the size of the shoe.